1. Put it down

From the recording Under The Sun, Vol. One

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Put it down

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Music/Lyrics written by: George Jano
Album: “Under The Sun, Vol. One”
Produced by: George Jano
Release Date: 11/19/2021
© 2021 George Jano Music

Performed by:
Jordan Wiker - Percussion
George Jano - All other instrumentation



Check one, check too many times
You’ve been checking that thing tonight.
Just waiting on a text, thinking about what’s next
Woman, give it a rest.
Look up, look all around
at all the heads down staring at their hands.
Swiping left and to the right
Everybody just wants some likes tonight.

Hey, you, blocking the view
It’s time we address this thing we do.
There’s a human being behind that screen
Just waiting to be seen.
So, quick take the pic or I might get sick.
All of these selfies are so unhealthy.
And I’m too hooked to find a good look for this fake book,
So put it down.

Put it down, put it down.
Be here, be now, and just put it down.

Can we afford not to record?
Exist right now and nothing more?
If you hear that phone ringing, go on and pick it up
But if you would rather be singing along to the song
you don’t have to know the words,
because you can get nothing wrong
If you free your hands and clap along.

Eyes roll as you scroll,
Somewhere a troll takes its toll.
We’re getting further from the youth, further from the truth,
Further from our soul.
There’s nothing in your news feed that you’re going to need
That can’t be found, In this sound, on this ground, just look around
And put it down.

Put it down, put it down.
Be here, be now, and just put it down.