1. You Would

From the recording Under The Sun, Vol. One

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You Would

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Music/Lyrics written by: George Jano
Album: “Under The Sun, Vol. One”
Produced by: George Jano
Release Date: 11/19/2021
© 2021 George Jano Music

Performed by:
Jordan Wiker - Percussion
Olavi Takala - Keys
George Jano - All other instrumentation


“You would”

You would be moving slow in a motion, picture perfect.
I will try to draw you but you’re drawing me in.
You are dancing bound by fingertips
I want to step into the moment
Make you too, remember this.
Because I know you would.

You would fit perfectly under my left wing,
And I will keep you warm and tucked
Lullabies I’ll sing.
You are singing soulful counter melodies
You’ve gone and harpooned your harmonies
knocked me right off my feet.
Like I knew you would,
Just like I knew you would.

But do I make a move?
Or is it too soon?
I think I’ll wait for you,
Because I know that’s what you would want me to do.

Somehow I know,
I just know you would.