The Tour No More - Corona Virus Cancellations


Hoping that that we’d be back to normal, or at least  On our way to getting better with an end in sight. Hoping that after starting  2020, we’ll on my 31st birthday to be exact, on a death bed at the hospital, where I could have in fact died. Then followed by weeks of uncertainty, and I,m still there by the way, stuck inside on quarantine, Im temporarily immunocomprimised. 
there’s nothing more to look forward to them getting to follow my favorite band on their highly anticipated East Coast tour and what did I do to make it even more interesting?.? I booked a tour that folllowed that same route, except taking me home to Baltimore . I hoping for 6 days straight of music by of the Animal Liberation Orchestra. I was really looking forward to playing In New York City for the first time, Manhattan to be exact. But most of all the New England Wildlife Conservatory just south of Boston. That’s what I was really lookin forward to playing - 

so To do my part like many others I have to cancel remainder of the gigs except for the one that’s in Baltimore I’m gonna hold onto that one for at least multiple weeks until we know more. In that time I’ll also be working with Harbor Rd., Studios to find means to wrapping up tracking on the first half of an album that was set to be released at the start of the summer. 

That’s definitely getting delayed even further now but I promise you, 2 full releases this year. 

Do some of these live stream shows from my basement just need to pick some dates and then I will update the newsfeed and let you all know later on tonight.

In the meantime, Stay safe and stay inside keep your loved ones close in your inner circle small. Too much loss hitting ho,e these days. Prepare yourselves, protect yourselves. We got this, I love you but go home, right now.









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